We are Bill and Jen Rogers,  a couple who share a passion for photography, art and travel.  Together we have toured the United States in search of beauty in nature from National Parks to “Main Street America”.  In 2011 we decided to make our home in the most beautiful place in the USA, the tropical Florida Keys.

Bill was born in Miami and spent most of his youth in Marathon.  For him, living here is coming home.  Bill has earned degrees in both computer programming and graphic arts.  This knowledge and skill in post processing allows him to create specialty images utilizing different processes.  Also, his natural eye and sense of adventure have produced some wildly exciting pictures.

Jen was born in Southern California and had an early interest in photography.  She attended art school in her teens and learned black & white film processing.  You could say, Jen is a photographic purist with a keen eye for light and perspective.

These two distinctive art forms intertwined and spawned Odd Duck Art.